Battle Plan

Ministry To Men That Works

Men’s ministry today is characterized by much activity and little impact. Part of the reason for this is men’s propensity toward action. If we are going to build a ministry to men that lasts and has an eternal impact, we will need to build a ministry that has it’s philosophy and principles derived from the Word of God.

In our Battle Plan For Success training seminar we will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to develop a ministry to men that will work.

We will provide you with a strategy that begins with building a Leadership Team and culminates with men going out and doing Missional work for God. A strategy is reproducible and develops leaders based on I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

A Strategy That Works. How can we be so sure. Because it is already having great success in developing leaders across the Mid Atlantic Region in churches just like yours! Call us to schedule a seminar at your church.

How It Works

Having the right Bible study tools is essential to growing the faith in an individual, a small community of men, or a large congregation. Our Get In, Get Healthy, Get Strong and Get Going strategy will help your church help your men grow in a deeper relationship with God while at the same time it will help develop biblical based leaders for your church based on the qualities defined in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Get In (catalytic events)

The best way to kick off the Get In, Get Healthy, Get Strong and Get Going process is to gather men and start them down the path of weekly meetings. You could start by holding a conference, seminar or outreach that becomes the catalyst for change.

Get Healthy

For the men who want to begin a short term small group Bible study the Get Healthy small group plan provides individual Bible study tools for men who want a 6-8 week condensed study in the areas of family, intimacy, temptation and friendship. All the study plans come included with discussion questions, so you don’t need a workbook or outline. Once you’ve settled on a plan, meet in a home, a coffee shop, work, or the church. Leadership, Core Health, College, and Men at Work study tools are all perfect for your study plan and journey with God.

Get Strong

This is for men who want to go deeper in their walk with God. We offer training classes to help your leaders to effectively use the Every Man A Warrior resource in a way that is reproducible year after year. When done properly we can guarantee that this resource will work and it will help your men to continue their walk with God through a 9 month comprehensive Discipleship process.  The Get Healthy and Get Strong study plans will help men accept their calling in familyintimacytemptation, and friendship

Get Going

This is where your men become Missional by moving out into the community to reach other men and by becoming leaders of an Every Man A Warrior Discipleship small group.

See the Results

With these powerful Bible study tools, men will have a healthier marriage, be able to be a stronger father, have better leadership qualities, and a more positive sphere of influence. PointMan can help you and your following of men find the untapped potential in your lives and illuminate the purpose of your lives.