When Men are engaged, churches flourish

Building leaders God’s Way starts with training and equipping men to succeed in their own home. Men want to know what it looks like to ‘love your wife like Christ loves the Church’. Dads need training on how to ‘bring up your children in the training and instruction of the Lord’. Building godly men who lead well inside the home is a critical starting point to building godly men who will lead well outside the home. Sequence matters and God’s Word reminds us of that.

Although called by God/ to be the spiritual leaders, most men are spiritually adrift. Fortunately, a number of pastors and men’s ministry leaders see this as a major crisis and are recognizing the great need for their churches to reach out to men. However, most do not know how.

I would encourage you to consider hosting one of our ENGAGE : Building Your Church Based Ministry To Men training seminars at your own local church and begin an intentional process of Building Leaders God’s Way. Engage provides the game plan for developing a powerful vision that drives the actions needed from overall ministry to men down to impactful and meaningful men’s small groups. Remember, WHEN MEN ARE ENGAGED, CHURCHES FLOURISH. Engaging men to lead at the local church level is one of the biggest overlooked opportunities facing America’s churches today. The needs of men in the church are being missed, and the health of churches are at risk. Engage begins at a macro level helping to build the vision for your church to a micro level showing how to engage men and meet them at their deepest need, to be engaged in something powerful.