What Are Regional Chapters?

PointMan Regional Chapters – In each area that we do ministry it is our goal to set up what we call regional teams. This is a group of men or women who have felt God calling them to reach the men or women of their community. They meet on average every six weeks with me to discuss how we might effectively continue to minister to the needs of their areas after the conferences are over. (Remember we are not a Conference Ministry. We are a ministry that uses conferences as a tool to help the local church). We discuss possible seminars outreaches ( Pastor2Pastor Breakfasts, Marriage Seminars, Leadership Training Seminars, Mentoring and Discipleship Seminars, etc.) and they assist in the planning and implementation of these events as well as assist us at the conferences as team leaders. We also encourage them to use their gifts in reaching the community.

The sole reason PointMan exists is to “give men the gospel and a means to spiritual growth.” We at PointMan believe the best place to “do” men’s ministry is in the local church. While we believe that a multidenominational team is necessary to support it, it is at the local church that men will find their spiritual home. Accordingly, we want to do everything we can to support the local church in its efforts to help men along to spiritual maturity.

What is a Regional Chapter?

While PointMan is a non-profit men’s ministry set up under section 501(c)3 of the Federal tax law, we have decided that men’s ministry is done best at the local level, through men who have a heart to see men’s ministry grow and develop in their own community. We call this a Regional Chapter. It is these Regional Chapters, established by men in their own communities, who know the specific needs of men in their area, and can best minister to those men. It is this type of grassroots structure that will motivate men to serve their community. Each Regional Chapter operates under the guidance and direction of the PointMan Board of Directors and PointMan Corporate Leadership Team.


If you would like to find out more about becoming a Regional Chapter please email us at info@PointManMinistries.net.